Greetings from Mexico!

A quick note and some pictures from Quintana Roo and Yucatan in Mexico – Luke and I are currently on a short research and filming trip down here. Despite travelling to many of the ancient sites and locales all over the globe, neither of us have managed to get to those which are closest to us – the spectacular Mayan ruins of the southeastern provinces of Mexico. Time to remedy that! We’re just a few days into our short trip here so far.

While not overtly megalithic, the beautiful remains of the Mayan civilization are literally dotted all over the jungle that claims most of the Mexican peninsula. From right on the coast, smaller sites like the Tulum ruins, to the larger city-esque sites like Coba, these sites are both easily accessible and spectacular.

Tulum, on the coast.

Today we visited Coba and Ek Balam. Coba is the remains of a city, literally kilometers long and littered with ruins of massive Mayan construction. It also features one of the tallest still climbable pyramids in the area. Unfortunately I was told that this will only remain the case for a few scant more months, with plans to close the location from tourist climbs. We will continue to grind our axe against this trend, which seems to be happened to all to many sites across the world. Bolivia, Peru, Egypt, every time we visit it seems like more and more access has been removed the public. As ever, the best time to go see these sites remains now!

still-climbable (and quite intimidating) pyramid at Coba.


Pyramid at Ek Balam.

In the meantime, put Mexico on your list!

Ek Balam…



Site Visit video: Naupa Huaca in Peru

A brief site visit video with some analysis on one of my favorite sites in Peru, Naupa Huaca.

Situated off the beaten path and halfway up a terraced mountain, this is an enigmatic small site with some very interesting features.

New video! 4K interview and EMI testing of megalithic stone

We interview Youself Awyan, and he shows us an experiment where we test the Electromagnetic Induction characteristics of the common types of stone found at megalithic sites – namely Granite, Basalt, and Limestone.

Thanks to cfapps7865 for the shoutout! This video addresses some of the topics we raised in that video. Check his channel out here:

Podcast #6: Reviewing the news!

Podcast #6: we review and discuss recent news articles that should have widespread impact on our view of human civilization and history.

moving to an audio-only format for podcasts – look for us on your favorite podcast library soon!








AMA with Graham Hancock – Part 2!

Part 2 of our AMA with Graham Hancock. Video below – and timestamps for questions.

1:12: Thoughts about Gobleki Tepi and Capadocia?

9:20 Thoughts on the therianthropic carvings at Gobleki Tepi?

11:30 Did concepts of freedom and ‘consciousness’ exist in the lost ancient civilization?

18:35 Where are the tools that built the advanced ancient civilization?

25:38 2 Architectural styles in Peru, does that mean 2 cataclysms?

30:00 Connections between ancient serpent and vulture cults

31:17 Can consciousness manifest across time and space?

35:27 Where is the lost ancient high technology that was used in Egypt and Peru?

38:10 When and how do you think mushrooms first came to Earth?

40:54 Would you join the masons?

42:38 How does one achieve happiness in this life?

new video! AMA with Graham Hancock

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Part 1 of a 2-part AMA (Ask Me Anything) session with Author and Researcher Graham Hancock. I recorded this as part of several weeks travelling with Graham throughout Peru and Bolivia in 2013.

Timestamps for questions:
4:44: what is your history as an author?
15:46: are we looking at the work of aliens?
19:47: where are the oldest cities?
23:25: is there a lost civilization under the antarctic ice?
25:46: what are your thoughts on giants in history?
28:25: gaps in the fossil record and nuances of culture in the lost civilization
33:22: are secret societies withholding information?
34:59: how do you think life came to the planet?
40:33: What are your thoughts on Prophets?
41:48: what can you tell us about unexplored features of the Great Pyramid?
46:25: What do you think about the future of our own ‘western’ civilization?
48:33: thoughts on state surveillance and intrusion into everyday life
51:34: links between DMT patterns and McKenna’s ‘universal mind lattice’ concept
53:36: Widening our reference frame for viewing the past
1:00:13: Was telepathy involved in the lost civilization?
1:01:53: What happens at the moment of human death?
1:06:25: thoughts on resonance, and ‘singing stones’ into place