The Serapeum

An excerpt from Pukajay Podcast #1.

The Serapium is an immense series of bedrock-carved caverns located in Saqqara, Egypt. The tunnel system houses a mind-boggling series of immense stone boxes, weighing up to and beyond 100 tons each, located in alcoves off to the sides of the tunnel system.

The boxes display an astonishing degree of precision in their creation. We need high precision tools in order to even measure how perfect they are. The interior surfaces are precisely flat, and the interior angles are exact – opposite walls in the cavity are exactly parallel to each other, and perpendicular to the lid such that an air-tight seal is created when the box is closed. Doing this in one box of this size (single piece) is mind-boggling, but repeating the effort exactly in 20 boxes of similar size is an achievement of incomprehensible heights.

What is their purpose? This degree of precision does not exist or cannot even be comprehended unless the result was some functional purpose. If these were indeed ceremonial or representative ‘sarcophagi’ then there is no need to achieve this level of precision, close enough would have been good enough.