Pukajay Podcast #5: Ollantaytambo site visit, China Megaliths, and debunking!

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In Part 1 of this podcast we review the amazing megaliths of Yangshan Quarry in China, review the scientific, peer-reviewed evidence and work of the Comet Research Group looking into the Younger Dryas catacylsm, and debunk some of the fun stuff one can find on youtube.

In part 2 we visit Ollantaytambo Peru for a detailed site visit and discussion. Ben and Luke have visited the site several times.

Ollantaytambo is the gateway to Macchu Piccu, and an incredible megalithic site that shows clear examples of multiple construction techniques.

Located in the Sacred Valley (I (Ben) was wrong about the altitude – its just under 10K feet, down relative to Cusco) massive megalithic stones are perched precisely on top of a mountain, having been transported from a quarry in an adjacent mountain range.

These stones are surrounded by inferior, local stonework that, while clearly trying to replicate, repair and rebuild the megalithic work, aren’t in the same league from a technological or architectural perspective.

Orthodox histories are confused, there are several and conflicting accounts of this place. Most will say that not only did the Inca built it, it was built in the lifetime of one ruler, Pachacútec.

None of these accounts hold up to a basic open-minded investigation of the site. It seems much more likely that the Inca inherited a destroyed megalithic site, found it as sacred as we do, and used it – a tradition in this amazing place that has continued down to the present day inhabitants of Ollantaytambo.


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  1. i just wanted to let you know why i don’t post my comments on your website, also why you direct critical commentators to post on your website, and why you have deleted all my comments from your vidme videos. there’s nobody here.

    only a handful of people will ever traffic this page, fewer will actually watch your videos here, fewer will read the comments, and likely nobody will find this comment as it slowly sinks down into the archive where it will ironically be lost to history. it’s not because you can’t take criticism that you want to censor me, it’s that you don’t want your viewers to think that there’s any legitimate criticism, and you want to have some control over what ideas your viewers see. you’re entitled to censor who you want but it isn’t very nice, and more importantly, it’s intellectually dishonest especially when your content focuses on discovering ‘the truth’.

    1. thanks for posting here. Happy to debate you on any of the specific issues.

      It’s not dishonest. It’s simply OUR page, its OUR content, and I don’t really control how things get presented on Vidme in terms of the landing pages, comment selections and whatnot. I CAN control the tone of it and what people see on our pages when they’re watching our videos. It was rapidly apparent that you are only interested in cherry picking little items, that I am, from memory, 99% sure were all verifiable nonsense and easily shown as such. Your comments also showed that you were going to straight ignore the vast amount of evidence we’re presenting that is contrary to what you’re saying – and that you’re also ignoring the specific premise and hypothesis that we’re stating said evidence within.

      I don’t have to write that out everytime you post, or defend my stuff, on my landing pages when it’s oh-so-easy to just read some nonsense (like the pyramids are tombs theory) that hits a chord in people’s heads because it’s been programmed there by the othordoxy. That is a simple ‘appeal to authority/establishment’ logical fallacy that nonetheless puts me on the defensive, and would require more reading from the viewer and more work from me to show just how dumb it is. You don’t get to set the tone or put me on the defensive on MY page like that, capise?

      I don’t care if no one sees it here. How do you know anything about it? Whether it’s true or not is completely extraneous to the argument (that I still am waiting to see). It’s intellectually dishonest and frankly weak to try to use that as some sort of social justice campaign that I have to let you write your bullshit on my wall. No I don’t. You don’t get to decide to have an argument with me on my page, that’s for me to decide. If you want to critique our content, then this is the place for it, as I told you several times. Hell, make and host your own content critiquing it if you feel that strongly, more power to you. But you don’t get a say on my sites, unless I decide you do. Here are some things to consider about that:

      – You’re free to make your own content, host your own page, it’s got nothing to do with me.
      – Anyone on Vidme that actually wants to read your rubbish in relation to our content can see that I’ve given you room to do it on this site, and, if they’re interested, they can come here and see it. You are free to have a press conference directing people here. Like I said, I won’t delete or change any of your stuff. Within the bounds of civility, naturally.

      Happy to hear any actual arguments, on topic, that you might have. You can start by showing me all the mummies they found in them and the direct proof that the pyramids were built as tombs.

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