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  1. Hello…
    Can you give me some more info on the Specials Permissions Tour for 2018? Is it still with Yousef and Mohammed? The link on your website doesn’t work and I couldn’t find any additional info….


    1. Hi Chase,

      We are very close to posting the new itinerary, will be similar dates and sites ~ Nov 2018. We had an issue with the tour company pulling out (Mohammed – who no longer works with Yousef and the Khemitology group). We are working directly with Yousef and Patricia and have a new tour company building the itinerary. I hope we will be able to post full details, costs etc within the next week… When we do we will announce it here as well as through all the regular social media channels and youtube. Sorry for the delay, it was out of our control, but as of now the trip is going ahead.

    1. The trip is offically on – we have all the details and will be posting them here in the next day or so. Thanks for your patience!

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